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Launched in 1962

Located in Nalchik, the Kabardino-Balkar Republic

400 employees

The plant’s area is around 40 hectares

3,9 hectares of facilities (19 buildings)

Developed rail and road infrastructure

Independent electricity generator (6 MW/h), high pressure steam generator (64 t/h)

Production capacity:

6000 t/year of WO3

The history of the plant starts in 1955 when the Ministry of Non-ferrous Metallurgy of USSR started the construction of a hydrometallurgical factory in Nalchik to set up an effective production of tungsten and molybdenum using the resources of the Tyrnyauz mineral deposit.

The plant was officially put into operation in 1962 and became an independent company in 1982. 

Hydrometallurg produces Ammonium Paratungsten (APT), Yellow Tungsten Oxide (YTO) and Blue Tungsten Oxide (BTO). The equipment of the plant adjusted to process almost all types of tungsten-bearing raw material, including the primary (scheelite, tungstenite concentrates) and recycling (hard and soft scrap) and raw materials with low W-content. 

In 2005 WOLFRAM Company JSC  obtained Hydrometallurg, JSC and started a significant job on developing the technology and quality of the products to meet the high standards of international markets. The technological processes are being constantly improved to raise the quality of the products and decrease the impurity figures. In 2012 the plant started the tailings processing program with a total output capacity of 2000 t of WO3. As a part of the environment responsibility program of the plant it invests in eco-friendly equipment and constantly carries out modernization to meet high ecological standards.

The facility is located in a famous resort area and is working hard to keep it the way it was designed by the nature. The production capacity of the plant is 6000 t WO3 per year, which is enough to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers.


105 Golovko street, Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkarskaya Republic, 360000


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